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Our Method

The birthplace of green tea: Ujitawara

The birthplace of Green tea: UjitawaraOur green tea are grown in Uji Tawara for generations

During the Edo-period, Nagatani Souen developed a method for cultivating green tea in Uji Tawara, Kyoto, which has been considered as "the birthplace of Japanese Green tea" ever since.

Uji Tawara also has the ideal weather, soil, and fresh water from the mountains for growing tea plants.

Tea plantation

Soil aeration

Soil aerationThe soil is repeatedly turned over to let it absorbs air and provide good drainage, allowing the roots to take nourishment from the soil more easily.

During spring and fall, we use soil enriched with minerals and high quality fertilizers

The water

The waterUjitawara is blessed with the water flowing from Washigamine mountains on the border of Kyoto and Shiga. Groundwater goes through the accumulated mineral-rich soil. The roots then absorb nutrients from the water and grow.

Growing the tea

How the tea grows

How the tea growsThe naturally cold environment of Ujitawara allows our tea plants to grow slowly. This long period of growth allows the tea plants to absorb sufficient amounts of nutrients that produce soft, bright green tea leaves.

How the leaves are picked

How the leaves are pickedInstead of using machines, we carefully hand-picked the leaves, ensuring that no surplus leaves can alter the mellow taste of the tea.

The tea leaves are checked every day, and, decided by years of experiences, are picked once the ideal season arrives.

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