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Hi-quality Gyokuro ”Zuisei”

Extraordinary in color, aroma and taste

Hi-quality Gyokuro ”Zuisei”

Tea leaves

This tea is an Uji Tea Exhibition Fair award-winning product that is excellent in all color, aroma and taste.

Even among the diversity of Kyoto's Gyokuro, this item boasts its unique rich flavor, packaged in a finely decorated tea caddy.

Hi-quality Gyokuro ”Zuisei”

Hi-quality Gyokuro ”Zuisei”
Product Type Canned Gyokuro
Production Area Uji, Kyoto
Weight 130g
Expiration 8 Months
Unit price $244

High quality Gyokuro superior than Gyokuro "Shoun"

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This high quality Gyokuro requires approximately 1 week preparations before the delivery can be made.

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  • 1) Shipping fee is $20 worldwide regardless of weight or quantity
  • 2) Customs duty and other taxes may be charged when the shipment reaches your country.
  • 3) Shipping method used is EMS shipping.
  • 4) Payment method used is PayPal.
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